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Kevin Hart Reviews

Comedy & Stand-up

Average customer review: 2.5 star rating (2.4 Stars)

Number of reviews: 83



5.0 star rating GraySkyRider from Houston, Texas


I read some previous reviews and thought we had wasted our money...I understood about the no phone announcements being annoying however once the show started I understood why. The plastic cup boys were and excellent warm up. Super Funny!!! We loved Kevin’s new material, he had me in tears...excellent show I’d go see it again!!

5.0 star rating Kay from Toronto, Ontario


Kevin Hart's Irresponsible tour was hands down worth the money and I would without a doubt go to one of his shows again. His humour was easily shared by everyone in the crowd and everyone enjoyed themselves in a group environment. He is very clearly a talented comedian and his set had me continuously laughing and smiling throughout the two hours. 5/5 would recommended! The location in Toronto was amazing with many attractions to entertain yourself and friends before and after the show.

5.0 star rating Chris Houseman from Grand Rapids, Michigan


The plastic cup guys were great! But the main attraction was Kevin Hart, naturally. His voice sounded a little tired at first, but then he found his rhythm, and he was back to sounding normal. I loved how his jokes all intermingled, and told a hilarious story. All that said, the best part about Kevin's show is that he is enjoying it just as much as us, often times laughing so hard himself, he struggles to tell the joke! I had a great time, and will see him again when the opportunity presents itself. Thanks for a great show!

5.0 star rating Adam & Stephanie from Phoenix, Arizona


He had 3 comedians which were great, then he came on...was an Amazing meed to see it. One of his best!

5.0 star rating Kayla Begay from Portland, Oregon


Me and my husband went for his irresponsible tour and it was fantastic!! We had floor seats and got the show of our life!! We love u Kevin Hart and keep doing what u do,no one can do it better!!! Sold out every seat and we still felt like you were talking directly to us about our funny life moments

5.0 star rating Deborah from Madison, Wisconsin


My family and I love Kevin Hart! and this show didn't let us down... would go see him and the other comedians anytime!. Now Alliant Energy Center... I don't know if the parking attendants were sleeping but it sucked getting in and out of there...

5.0 star rating Aisha Amin from New York, New York from Philly


OMG what an awesome show. DAVE CHAPELLE opened. It was great to see 3 great performers. Worth every penny…..

5.0 star rating Carol from Raleigh, North Carolina


Enjoyed the show immensely.

5.0 star rating Judy from Dallas, Texas


His concert was funny and I would highly recommend!!

5.0 star rating Robert Benson from Atlanta, GA


Listen I never leave reviews actually this might be my first one but kevein hart deserves my time to write this, I live in atlanta and my wife bought tickets, at first I thought shit jacksonville that's what 5hrs at best but I knew we needed a break and time together so i went with it and after that amazing performance I told myself I will drive 10hrs if needed the next time he makes his rounds, it wS great, he was great, the crowd was great, and which truly made me laugh for 2 or 3 hours straight were his openers and host, they were funny as hell too, everyone around us amd we had great sears laughing there assss off, ofcourse I saw a few prunes because the content was dark at some points but I like saying shit others won't is comedy, I'm babbling but show was fantastic, can't wait until the next!!! Thanks Kevin and soldiers for great night, Robert B.

5.0 star rating Zach from Los Angeles, California


Kevin hart was awesome. The openers were great. Minus the third one, the one right before Kevin, still funny but not as good as everyone. Such a great experience and worth every penny. If you are able to go please do it. You will not regret it. If you come late don’t worry. The openers start about 30 minutes after the stated time and Kevin comes on about an hour after that. But the openers are awesome so it’s worth it being there at least 30 minutes after it starts.

5.0 star rating Darroll Morris from Newark, New Jersey


Had no complaints and thought the Plastic Cup Boyz did a great job opening up and Kevin Hart was hilarious. My heart was beating because I didn’t want to get my phone to go off and get kicked out but luckily everything went well. Loved the jokes and had a great time with my girlfriend.

4.0 star rating Inez Martin from New Orleans, Louisiana


I paid for a show I didn’t even see. Tonight has been the worst. I came to the Superdome in New Orleans, to see ur show for an officer to put in out because I checked my phone..People have families and anything can happen. I was not filming nor trying to record the show.. I don’t miss any of ur shows. Some people got warnings, some people were even told not to use their phone because all the signs were not put up over the whole arena. When I spoke to a gentleman, maybe a man that wanted to feel like he was in some type of authority heard what I was saying , at that time he went to put the signs on the side entrance. If I knew that was going to be a policy that Kevin Hart has or have that should have been posted and given customers/ viewers the options before purchasing their tickets. I think it was very unprofessional of the officers and very inconcertate of a human to say u can not use the phone because at any given time an emergency occurs. I am requesting my money back.

4.0 star rating Eve from Middletown NY


I thought the show was great. The 3 comedians opened were very funny and had relatable material. As for Kevin. I think he is still a great comedian. His family, himself and stuff we all do. I thoroughly enjoyed the complete show.

4.0 star rating K. from Vancouver, British Columbia


We loved it Niam and Joey are just as funny as Kevin. Would go again next time he is in town.

4.0 star rating Sonja Washington from Little Rock, Arkansas


I thought Kevin had a great show. I laughed a lot. There were moments of not so funny but over all great show!! I didn't care for the lateness of the start and based on comments from other states, this happens all the time...not good.

4.0 star rating Tamarackfolk from Winnipeg, Manitoba


Went to see Kevin in Winnipeg. Aside from the show starting 30 minutes late, very very funny. As one of the first comedians stated, us 40 something folks plan this outing and want to be home early to go to bed. Don't mess with the plan! and you did. not happy. Other than that, it was funny, relatable and the material was unique. Loved his self depracating humour and the spot of being a black king. Thank you for some great laughs!

4.0 star rating Billy Atherton from Atlanta, Georgia


some really funny spots and some fell flat the second warm up was terrible. hard to sit through, fun night

3.0 star rating Anonymous from Chicago, Illinois


Well let me start by saying that I am a Kevin Hart fan. Last night, I was at the United Center and was left with doubts about his true stand up ability. First, there was the constant over the top message about "no cell phone use". After the show, I guess I might not want this show leaked to the public before they buy tickets, if I were K.H.. The opening of his performance was the same that I have seen him do on television more than once. It was funny then, but it was not as funny the second time around especially when I was paying $80 to see something new. He spent too much time on the same story and should have offered more variety. Also, the show was only ONE HOUR. REALLY? This was not worth the money. The show started at 7pm with three comics that preceded Kevin. They were okay. But an hour later Hart was on stage and an hour after that, HE GONE...... I'm sure there are many who feel the same.Not Murphy or Pryor in their prime. A little short of that! lol Disappointed

3.0 star rating Becca from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Warnings about cell phone use were seriously overboard, to the point where one of the opening comics devoted (what seemed like) at least 15 minutes of his gig talking about not using them!

3.0 star rating Ellen K from San Francisco, California


The show we saw on 11-17 in Oakland at the Coliseum was not up to the standards of humorous intellect we've seen Kevin display before in previous year's shows. With nonstop banter about orgasms, porn habits, his daughter's period, his wife's orgasms or lack thereof and porn, I just didn't get it. He said he "couldn't get through" one of his routines, and all it was was him striking a pose and pretending to pull a self-defensive weapon out of a hidden concealment as he imagined confronting someone breaking into his home, done six times repetitiously after he broke down with laughter. It just did not add up to the otherwise hysterically funny comedy I have seen Kevin display. The crowd was clapping and yelling and the acoustics in the basketball court coliseum were not conducive to even hearing what he was saying. I would not recommend anyone in the family go and see this show. The crowds were in such a hurry to leave I saw an accident in the parking lot during the gridlock after show

3.0 star rating Ann Ferguson from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Warm up acts were hilarious! Kevin Hart was okay, not a 5 star performance. Tickets said show began at 7pm, first act didn’t come on until after 8pm. Come on, TIME IS MONEY. If show will not start until 8:30pm, print that on the ticket. Wait until material airs on television, live show not worth the time or money.

3.0 star rating Shawn from Cleveland, Ohio


The show was OK, Nothing special or memorable.

3.0 star rating NYC10019 from New York, New York


I saw the show the show at MSG (NY); to be honest I was slightly disappointed. His set was only 60 min and I think for the price $150) I wanted to laugh until tears came down with stomach pains. I support Kevin and respect him, but a lot of the material he used was recycled from other shows he has done from other sets. I didn't expect the show to start on time as they never do; however, I wanted to leave feeling like I had a memorable moment but I didn't. Not worth the money unless you are getting tickets under 50$ and just want to go just because; will stick to his movies.

3.0 star rating Indi from Toronto, Ontario


Went to the show for a bachelorette party and was excited as I’ve never had a chance to see KH live; the plastic cup boys were funny and hyped me up for KH; the constant no cellphone Schlick was annoying! So, when KH came on stage, I was really hyped but like an overfilled balloon, my hypeness was deflated almost immediately. I kept waiting for his funny side to show but it never came and after watching him for 45 mins, I finally had enough and was thoroughly bored and left. I won’t deter anyone from seeing this show as KH is amazing but buyer be ware as these tickets are at least $80.

3.0 star rating Lady Deb from Chicago, Illinois


When to c Kevin in Chgo at the United Center. Show started late 3 comedians before Kevin. Kevin wad not as funny as I have seen him in the past. They kept announcing no cell phones but I saw at least 3 people escorted because of pulling cell phones out. Also disappointing because Kevin wad only for about an hour. Not worth it for the cost of the tks. Probably won't go c Kevin again. Somewhat disappointed.

3.0 star rating W from Raleigh, North Carolina


We attended his show at the PNC arena April 1. We had front row seats. I'm going to be honest the show had some dull moment but also some funny moments. I thought it was cool Kevin told the crowd to pull out our cell phones at the end of his performance. I'm glad he was late because we had to walk just to get to the arena next tired I'll pay for VIP parking. Overall we enjoyed ourselves.

3.0 star rating Tracy K from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Kevin is so funny and charming, but the show just isn't worth the price for the time he spends on stage. I didn't get pricey tickets and go through the horrible trouble of dealing with the absolute nightmare that is Target Center (another story) to see two other unfunny comedians do standup for 2 hours. When finally coming on Kevin said "you got me for awhile" so I was excited thinking this was gonna be a helluva show. It was good. I did laugh, but the $ and stress that came with getting there... would never do again for one hour's worth of entertainment

3.0 star rating Denise from San Jose, California


The purse policy, the cell phone, oh and apple watch policy, the constant militant type patrolling on the floor was ridiculous. Started an hour late but without a watch or phone who could be sure. Great comedy + shitty experience = watching from home next time.

3.0 star rating John from Louisville, Kentucky


Show was supposed to start at 7, it started at 9. The 3 comedians before where “okay”. Tickets cost was extremely expensive for two ticket for unreliable material. Through it would be a lot more funny.

3.0 star rating Chris D. from Atlantic City, New Jersey


Saw his shows before and they were hilarious, last nights was mediocre at best. Felt like I was at a casino comedy show. Paid to see Kevin perform, but instead got 3 additional comics and him. He wasn’t even on that long and not great material. Disappointed.

3.0 star rating AD from Tampa, Florida


Unbeknownst to me, the Kevin Hart show was him PLUS 3 comics. The three were awful. Crude, unpolished and simply not funny. And, they all ran long --over 20 minutes each. So the 7 PM show made it past 8 PM with no sign of Kevin Hart. There were no intermissions. By the time Kevin took the stage, I was annoyed, and needed a ladies room. But since I had endured the previous 60 minutes of crap, I was determined not to miss the main event. Everyone adjacent to us in Orchestra looked equally annoyed and antsy. I would have enjoyed a single, talented opening act. The only upside of the 3 truly awful openers was that Kevin looked even better than usual by comparison to his untalented buddies. Kevin's own set was only 45 minutes--which seemed rather paltry considering both the ticket price and my experience having seen him in concert before when his set was closer to 90 minutes. But he was hysterical. His excellence doesn't make up for the bait and switch. I wish I'd shown up late.

2.0 star rating Denise Dandridge from New Orleans. Louisiana


This tour was not as good as his other tours. I was expecting to laugh until I could not breath but it was not as funny. There definitely was some funny parts of the show, but it just was not the same. In addition, I really did not appreciate the fact that the security officers put 2 family members out of the show because she looked at her phone to check who was at her door. They did not give her a warning but claimed that we should have seen the 8x10 flyers. but they were not posted on the lower floor doors and no one gave us a copy nor did the person standing at each row say anything about not even pulling out your cell phone for any reason. This was very disappointing as well. The entire night was a complete disappointment.

2.0 star rating Shawn from Cleveland, Ohio


I've been reading the reviews, and im a Kevin Hart fan. i thought that the NO CAMERA rule was to protect his new material. But after this show, i think its to prevent the word from getting out about how weak and unfunny this show is. THIS WAS HORRIBLE. Not sure if its the delivery or the style, but it got old quick. He didn't have a lot of energy, the material wasn't great, and the gimmicks that he tried to pull off like the "fussing at the baby" bit where the camera man, that was shooting the scene, shook the camera up and down-left and right to mimic a babies reaction. IT WAS WEAK. "Funniest Man in America" My @ss. You'll ignore the reviews like i did, but ill listen next time. this is/was a waste of time & money. Oh yea i almost forgot, the show started 45 minutes late. and according to the opening act joke, it was on purpose. Not sure if it was Irresponsible, but it was definitely unprofessional and disrespectful.

2.0 star rating Min42 from New York, New York


Basically, The Plastic Cup Boys as a whole were funnier......Kevin Hart delivered some funny liners and is an excellent storyteller when commenting about his personal life etc. etc......However, there seemed to be something lacking with his material for this particular performance and he was onstage for approximately 45 to 50 minutes....It seemed so short compared to the Plastic Cup Boyz.....But my husband and I still enjoyed ourselves.

2.0 star rating Sharon from Grand Rapids, MI


One of the warm up acts was better then Kevin. When did being over the top vulgar become equal to being funny? Watching security argue and remove people with cameras was more entertaining the Kevin. I would not recommend this show to anyone.

2.0 star rating from San Diego, California


At Viejas SDSU Arena- seating was horrible - KH was on for 45 minutes- extremely disappointed

2.0 star rating Diane from Phoney AZ


Love Kevin Hart, but not this show. Not as funny as he has been in the past. I was expecting more. Saw Chappelle last year, WAY better! Sorry Kevin. I'll give him another try next time.

2.0 star rating RL from Vancouver, British Columbia


I attended the Kevin Hart show in Vancouver and I must say that I left disappointed. The plastic cup boyz were quite funny particularly the first act so they are indeed a great addition to his tour. I'd actually pay to see the first act if he came as a solo comedian. Kevin however was not the funniest that I've seen him - at all. I can appreciate that he enjoys speaking about his family however it felt as though it was an hour of the same joke. He briefly addressed his cheating but then went on to material that wasn't very funny. At times my mind wondered and I forgot that I was at a comedy show. As well, there was a claim that it's all new material however there are some recycled bits and pieces. Had the tickets been cheaper I wouldn't have taken issue. In any regard, he's still a good comedian. Not sure if I'd spend money to see him again tho.

2.0 star rating Connie from Vancouver, British Columbia


Kevin, you rub shoulders with the stars of today and probably have a lot of stories to tell.. but, instead, you repeat the stories about your kids and wife.. it’s your Schlick, I get it; but, you should change your material..

2.0 star rating CJ from Seattle, Washingto


Every 10 seconds they were reminding us about the cell phone use. HOW EXTRA: before Kevin Hart came on they told us they had already kicked out 75 people for using their cell phones. I can see why they told people to put their cell phones away because if I would’ve seen his show on youtube or even a trailer of it I wouldn’t have paid the money. The show was okay.. The comedians before KH were more funny. I don’t know if it’s a tactic he is using to pump us up, but he was late to the Seattle show as well.. and it seems to be a pattern. Save your money and wait for it to come out on netflix. He isn’t all that.. and it’s pretty shameful he is making money out of telling jokes about cheating on his wife.

2.0 star rating Sharon from Atlanta, Georgia


I was at Phillips Arena last night for the ATL show. Firstly, Plastic Cups Boyz did a great job; definitely a wise addition to the tour! BUT... as expected, Tix were not cheap. We paid about $150 per tic, w/TM fees, group of four (Birthday present for my BF). I guess I was expecting Kevin to give us a special, live show that we couldn't get for free or on the Netflix couch (particularly w/all the cellphone hype at the pre- show, so WTF?!)- Unfortunately, NOT the case. Being a huge fan, we have watched all of Kevin's specials and stand up routines so was rather bummed to hear a great deal of old and dated material. Felt like more than 50% of repeat bits. Honestly, it got boring... Without mentioning other greats who know how to do this ... We still love you KH but DAMN - don't tour for this kind of $$ unless you are ready to give your fans FRESH & RAW!! JMHO I didn't think you would do us like that! :=(

2.0 star rating Teresa from Raleigh, North Carolina


My husband and I attend Kevin Hart concert at PNC in Raleigh NC. Kevin Hart was 2 hours late!!. The show was suppose to start at 7pm. People had to stand outside in line until doors was finally open at 8 pm. Kevin Hart came on stage at 9pm. He apologized and said he would make it up to us. Well he didn't . The show was over one hour later. He wasn't that funny, and at times he was the only one laughing at his own Jokes. I am a big Kevin Hart fan. Love all his movies, so coming to his stand up comedy show was a big deal for us. Not at all impressed and disappointed he didn't at least give a better show especially since he was late arriving.

2.0 star rating Jim from Baltimore, Maryland


I accompanied a friend to the opening night of Kevin Hart's Irresponsible Tour at Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore . I knew almost nothing about Kevin Hart, but the ticket prices and the impressive turnout at the venue had me anticipating a pretty good show. I wasn't expecting the best comedian in the world, but I was confident that I was in for alot of good laughs. Not so. Sure, I laughed a few times, but the whole show was based on lowbrow smut. After each comedian I kept thinking that the next one would be better, but that didn't happen. Now, lowbrow smut can be very funny, indeed, but these guys fell short. Even the headlineer, Kevin Hart, only delivered more of the same, only twice as long. I bought the ticket and I was ready to laugh, but mostly I just sat and rolled my eyes. If you are listening, save your money! Don't go to this show!

2.0 star rating Anonymous from Tampa, Florida


I’m glad I didn’t spend more money on these tickets. They started an hour late. After they had already taken everyone’s phones away at the door. The first guy joked around about it, the second was very difficult to follow/understand. Average jokes, not worth the hype. Kevin was funny but I got the vibes of an ‘oppressed rich black dude’ after most of the show was aimed at current political events, his picketing for Black Lives Matter & jokes about his friends in their private planes. Must be a tough life. We left the show early.

2.0 star rating Adalberto Molina from Orlando, Florida


Brought tickets months ago for my sons and I. First time to see him in person. Have seen numerous Kevin heart shows on TV and interviews and he’s been hilarious until tonight. The beginning acts were twice as funny as him. Maybe it’s better to be great at on thing than half good at many. I was very disappointed and feel I didn’t get my money’s worth. I know he could do better. Thank You

2.0 star rating Shannon Adams from Bradenton Florida


Time on ticket sets 7pm. ZERO ACTIVITY on stage or via speakers for an entire hour. 8pm starts with 1 of 4 opening acts that last 15 mins each. Kevin was on stage from 9pm-10pm. Should have stayed home and waited for his next Netflix special. Absolutely lame experience and I regret buying the tickets. Super disappointed and he wasn’t very funny. Stupid stories and never apologized for being late. F this.

2.0 star rating John Edward from Chicago, Illinois


The show started over an hour late. Opening act were average but I was there for Kevin Hart. His set was less than an hour and he was gone. Not to mention that they place my phone in a secure bag so I could not access it. I have children and was annoyed that I could not respond to my phone if there was an emergency. This is intrusive, to separate me from my property. Just not worth seeing live. I will not spend the money or the time in the future.

2.0 star rating Cooper from Tampa, Florida


Thought it was just us, until I read these reviews. Our show started 60 minutes late, phones and watches were locked in bags. The warm up comics laughed about the late start (sadly the late start is used as material for their acts at our expense). People were pissed about the late start and spent the extra time downing drinks and getting irritated. There was a major fight that broke out behind us during the KH set. He stopped the show and made jokes about “old white people fighting”… Guess he didn’t realize the fight happened because a drunk guy punched a drunk woman… Many of us felt unsafe without having the ability to communicate with emergency services… Reading these reviews from the Tampa show makes me realize that our bad experience is actually part of his nation wide tour experience… My suggestion is to save your money and wait for the Netflix show. We’ll never pay for last nights experience again. #kevinhartsuckedathertz2022

2.0 star rating Zaraza from Portland, Oregon


Started late, chairs were a joke on floor area, patrolling was ridiculous, started late, bunch of drunk talk on the stage. I didn’t find Kevin funny and one of the guys from the plastic cup cowboys whatever was plain rude and his jokes were frankly pure assault. He has some type of show or a radio show and I am really questioning people who listen to that. We left early. We thought that when Kevin will get on the stage with all that pompous lighting and music the fun and laughter will begin- nope was boring and we just left. Super overpriced for a bunch of dudes complaining about women, plastic surgery, and Los Angeles news. Also the jokes we’re making on an edge of racism and definitely a whole lot of sexism. They probably feel like celebrities and think they are entitled but I doubt they are that tough in real life, I mean common… Drove 2 hours, no parking and left early and I am not 40 as they suggested in the beginning

2.0 star rating Sheila L. from Sacramento, California


I saw KH at the Golden 1 center last night. My story is much like others. I absolutely LOVE KH, but the entire night was chaos, unorganized and his stage appearance was approximately 30-45 minutes. The show started late, it seems the Plastic Cup Boys were definitely on stage longer than KH. Once he was on stage, about 10 minutes into his act, he stopped and started "scolding" a guy sitting in the front row, warning him "I have warned you twice, if I have to warn you a third time I am going to start capping on you" then he did....started capping on the guy and camera man put the guy up on the screen (embarrassing for him) As others have said, this was not Kevin Hart at his best. I have seen ALL Kevin Hart specials, movies, etc....and this one just did not meet expectations.......EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!

2.0 star rating Katrina from Sacramento, California


*This show felt OFF & a bit cringeworthy. I was so pumped to see Kevin for the first time, but can now see the celebrity has gone to his head... 1. Kevin is best on TV - He has a great stage presence live, but treats his audience poorly. Harsh security and no phone policy makes it the perfect breeding ground for attacks to go unreported. 2. Copied Material - Kevin told an awfully similar joke to George Lopez show back in 2018 Wilbur Theater, Boston. That was hugely disappointing. 3. Opening acts were basiccc - I've listened to ALL types of comedy...But when a comedian has no depth and talks about their s3× life for a straight hour it gets OLD and creepy. It wasn't comedy, just kinda gross. 4. Kevin offers you to party with him afterwards & further markets his tequila...So that happens.

2.0 star rating Nicola from Manchester/England


Me an my sister paid a lot of money on tickets hotel an train was told r tickets would be at door no we had to wait 45 minutes in a queue when we got in Kevin’s Friends were on for an hour he was on 40 minutes not the 80 we paid for! No refund tho cos we saw the show! I don’t no how he can get away with this I loved kevin it ruined now . If I were u I would not waste your money!

2.0 star rating Rd from London


Really disappointed. I chuckled a little but no laugh out loud belly moments. I first watched Kevin hart live in 2016 and I laughed so hard I cried but this was a far cry from that. Show started late and Kevin was not on for very long, which I didn’t mind as was starting to get bored and wanted to be-able to use my phone to tell the kids sitter I would be late. People behind us left early. It also didn’t help that there was an echo the entire perfomance so we could hear everything he said twice The warm up acts weren’t my cup of tea a lot of f**** words being used every other word. His new dad material isn’t funny. Got home and watched one of his previous shows on Netflix so that I could actually have a good laugh. Really disappointed.

2.0 star rating from Ontario, Canada


for reality check your We enjoyed the plastic cub Boyz opening performances better than KH. He basically just told stories but not much joking to them. It was definitely lacking something. Repeated things multiple times, laughed at his own jokes more than the audience did. Just really disappointed. Definitely not worth $250 per ticket

2.0 star rating K K from New York, New York


The show was advertised as Kevin Hart "Acting My Age" tour, but what it should be labeled is The Plastic Cup Boyz, with Kevin Hart joining. Most of the evening was dedicated to the Plastic Cup Boyz (Joey Wells, Will "Spank" Horton, and Na'im Lynn), and Kevin doing his bit for about 40 minutes. Also, security and the LiveNation detail to secure cell phones were horrendous in handling the processing of paying customers through the entrance. To add insult to injury, not only were they disorganized and slow, it seemed to go even slower when the rain started to pour on all the people waiting outside to get in. The tickets said 10PM doors, but the show or the performance didn't even start until 11:15PM. Absolutely horrendously run. Also, the Plastic Cup Boys were in some ways more funny than Kevin Hart. He might be too busy or distracted with Hollywood projects and making money to make actual funny and original material. I will not be paying for any more live shows. Disappointed fan

1.0 star rating David from San Francisco, California


I don't know when people got so famous and amazing that they decided to start collecting cell phones and wasting extra hours of my life. I'm staying home and watching on TV. Just not fun to go and see big name comics live any more. 2 extra hours of waiting for a show that is not that long!

1.0 star rating Q from New Orleans, Louisiana


I went to the show in New Orleans on 10/18/18 and it was tragic. The entire experience was very bad from the beginning, and I had such high hopes for it to be amazing seeing him in person. The security was over the top, they escorted people out of the building as soon as they walked in, just for texting or having a phone visible. Multiple people did not hear the staff say that there was a “No Phone Use” policy for this event. I was one of the many people that were escorted. Before being escorted, I had watched the opening acts and then I got a text; my phone lit up in between my legs and I looked down. Within seconds, an officer tried to escort me out for cell phone use. It was ridiculous. The opening acts were not funny, I chuckled about twice. I sat there, not amused in the slightest. Stay home, watch his old comedy stand ups, it’s the only time he’d ever be funny, since his funniness is fading away and he’s reusing old material. He’s simply not in his prime anymore.

1.0 star rating Michelle from Detroit, Michigan


First time at a KH show. The cell phone announcements were rediculous. Why is he so worried about his material getting out. I know why, because its recycled and not funny. My gay friend was ejected from the show, despite showing the 15 year ild security cop that his ell phone was in his back pocket and powered off. They threatened to tackle and arrest a 5 foot 4 sweet gay man. We were afraid for him and 600.00 of tickets were wasted. In general everyone in our section said they felt like the military was on duty. My friend is considering taking things to the next level. The 1 st comedian also bragged that at the cleveland show they had “ thrown out “ 200 people. Shoukd be the Thug tour. Never again. Sounds like the teviews agree.

1.0 star rating Michelle from Cleveland, Ohio


Daughter bought me one ticket from Atlanta for my birthday to see kevin.i got there late I didn't here the instruction of know phones.i own a home care business and I'm on call so I have to answer calls the one night I'm free I get harrassed by security.i explained my situation they told me to sit down or get escorted out.i had great seats thanks to my daughter.i couldn't get in the mood to laugh again not even to see Kevin so I left..I was embarrassed that security made a seem instead of being discreet in front of thousands of people. Plus 50 bucks for parking. Construction around the whole building no signs where to enter which made al types of people late including myself..I will watch Kevin on DVD at least I won't get harrassed. #anurse

1.0 star rating Terena Scott from New York, New York


I treated my sister the The Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour.I spend over $100.00 dollars for these seats at MSG. We sat in the 400 rows there was a bar directly above us which obstructed our view, when I asked will the small screens on the side will be turned on they told me no. I went to guess services to complain and was told that Kevin Hart REQUESTED THAT THEY NOT TURNED ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me??? I spent my hard earned money to come see you and you requested that certain screens not be turned on. I feel like if he had a problem with those sections than they shouldn't have been on sale, they weren't the most expensive tickets but they weren't cheap either. I missed the whole damn show waiting in guess services to hear this, this was an injustice to me and my family and everyone who brought tickets in those sections. I will never waist my money on him again, Kevin you have LOST PAYING FAN!!!!

1.0 star rating Dave from Vancouver, BC


The show started out with the Solo Cup Boys and I managed to suffer through the first dude. I guess Kevin is giving some amateur a chance to try comedy out. But there were three of them. Sigh. Let me just say I didn’t find them funny. At all. Best way I can describe it is ghetto humor. If your idea of a good joke is some dude talking about his bitches and paying $1000 for a prostitute so he’s going to come into every hole she has... well, maybe you’ll relate. At one point the “comedian” asked who in the audience had banged a hooker. Crickets. Or boasting about getting 15% on some test. Yeah, stupidity is hilarious. Eventually Kevin showed up and his jokes were predictable. He told the part about Japan and “so exciting” and later while skiing runs into a Japanese kid, and you just know the joke repeats. Or the finger gun prosthetic arm... here comes the cop shooting black guy joke. Predictable, forced, and boring. Avoid. I chuckled maybe three times while I wondered when it would end.

1.0 star rating Ex Fan from Vancouver, British Columbia


Almost nothing was new. His what now tour was way better. This I had seen almost all of on older netflix specials. VERY dissapoointed. Even 3rd of the 3 plastic cup boys repeated old material.

1.0 star rating Jimmy stewart from Hamilton, Ontario


By definition, warm up acts should get you going, and if we weren’t waiting for KH, we would have gone. Sadly, KH was no funnier than the warm ups. Dreadful dull show, despite being a KH fan. Please do not come back to Hamilton, if thats all you got. Definitely fell short of our expectations :( And the incessant ‘cell phone use will get you ejected from the venue’ propaganda was presumably so no one could upload how bad this show was on social media.

1.0 star rating Linwood Spears from Charlotte, North Carolina


Man I was really looking forward to this show. I am a Kevin Hart fan and I think that he's a funny guy. His shoe last night was very disappointing. The show started an hour and a half late and the plastic cup boys were ok When Kevin came out the arena was full of energy and excitement. Kevin apologized for the late start and promised to make up for the lateness by giving us one hell of a show. Well I hate to say it but I am still waiting for Kevin to make up for the late start because he did not give us one hell of a show as promised. Kevin is great in movies, tv shows, and commercials but his stand-up game last night waa weak. Don't get me wrong I am still a Kevin Hart fan and I will buy tickets to see him in movies but I'm going to take a pass on his live standup.

1.0 star rating from Anchorage, Alaska


Bought 7:00 show tickets to watch introduction stand ups for a few hours , had a 11:30 flight I had to leave for. Kevin walked out on stage at 9:00 pm I had to leave at 9:35pm. I over paid for my tickets and had to watch people get kicked out left and right for using their phones, constant distraction for the short 30 min I got to see of the show.

1.0 star rating Tom from Pittsburgh


Went to Tampa to visit my brother and he got tickets to see Kevin Hart. My brother laughed hysterically, but I didn’t get it. If screaming the F-bomb every other word is funny, I’m not getting it. God Bless him for making hundreds of millions of dollars being a pathological cusser, but I just don’t think he’s funny.

1.0 star rating Glenn Cook from Dallas, Texas


Started the Dallas show 45 Minutes late after basically confiscating 50 thousand fan cell phones and digital watches. He then sent out his hype man to make fun of all of it. Waste of time and money

1.0 star rating Janet from Washington, District of Columbia


Show started late it was supposed to start at 7pm didn’t start until 8:15 pm unprofessional and unacceptable. They took everyone phones locked up as if we was going to see an amazing shot NOT didn’t happen not funny tickets overpriced. He had 3 guys go on before him talking about stupid stuff. He came on and wasn’t funny at all he laughed at his jokes more than the crowd. Then he performed less than a damm hour. He is not funny don’t waste your money at all. Buyer beware he made a ton of money off people and a bad show.

1.0 star rating Vince Porpora from Nashville, Tennessee


Show started 40 minutes late. 1st "comedian" came out and his monologue was centered around how lat the show started...1st clue they didn't give a crap about the money I spend or the time I allotted for this sh*it show. 2nd comedian didn't say anything funny and was not understandable. Not funny Used the N word countless times. Made me wonder why Morgan Wallen was crucified for using the N word playing basketball with his buddies under the expectation of reasonable privacy. I paid for 4 tickets...we all walked out before the main event. Total lack of respect for his audience, how much money was spent for tickets. Kevin has missed the mark building his brand. Insulting, not funny and a waste of my time and money.

1.0 star rating Andrea from Orlando, Florida


We paid $532 for two tickets. As mentioned by other reviews he seems to be late for every show. The show was supose to start at 7 but instead starred at 8. The 3 comedians before Kevin were not funny... Kevin's act was too short and basically just recycled jokes from other shows. He is the one that needs a reality check. My whole entire group was extremely disappointed I don't understand how people don't feel robbed after paying over $500 for 2 tickets. The whole show had 2 good jokes. Same joke about his father and queso. If you go see the show I wouldn't pay more than $50 it's just not worth it. Never again..

1.0 star rating Disappointed not a fan from Chicago, Illinois


Worst show ever, if he thinks he is so great, we all had to lock our cell phones up! REALLY! - no lights in the place, couldn't see your seats, no lighting on the stairs, and per the United Center they said the comedian requested all this! so disappointed, way to much money and the show was terrible! the 3 comedians before him all had the same jokes!!!!!

1.0 star rating Whit h from St. Louis, Missouri


Very disappointed. Started Late and Kevin only came on for 45 mins. Screens very small. I couldn't imagine ppl spent $260 on a ticket . Disrespectful to fans who drive 2 hrs, got a baby sitter ,gas, parking and expensive tickets . Very very disappointed

1.0 star rating Nicole from Indianapolis, Indiana


Kevin Hart is getting way too greedy! First of all the tickets were $100 per person to sit in the very back of the fieldhouse. Once we entered the building our cell phones were locked up and I was told that I wasn't allowed to bring my CLEAR Colts purse in with me. After having to check my bag at a hotel and dealing with ridiculous security that is worse than the airport, we ended up getting sat 45 minutes late. As soon as we got in we ordered two drinks that were $25 a piece. Once we went to look for our seats the rows weren't lit up and we couldn't see to find our seats. It took us an additional 20 minutes to get to the correct seats. By the time I sat down I was furious! Not to mention the show wasn't that funny! After the show ended it took an additional two hours to wait in the line to get our cell phones unlocked and clear purse back. I will never go to another one of his shows or even go back to Gainbridge Field House. This was by far my worst experience ever!

1.0 star rating Daysha from Indianapolis, Indiana


Let me add besides being treated like we were in a prison upon entering... we didn't even stay to see KH Spent $300 plus gas and drinks Drove 2 hours to get to show and 2 hours back home KH was late I feel asleep after first comedian (no I am not 50 plus 4) Woke up for second comedian and left the show at that point Figured KH would be on for prob 40 minutes And after seeing what his "per KEVIN HART REQUESTS" were for show rules and regulations we decided it best we get on up outta there. I can almost bet that we made the right choice I seen Katt Williams last month and laughed the first ten minutes for half the price and better seats. Grant it, KH sold out this huge stadium in INDY and thats awesome for him. He has become a true Hollywood businessman

1.0 star rating Gary from Vancouver, British Columbia


Terrible show - low brow - boring and just not funny. Absolute waste of time and money. Would not recommend to anyone looking for laughter and a memorable experience.

1.0 star rating Danielle from Las Vegas, Nevada


Kevin Hart show reality check in Las Vegas was horrible. He was so corny, not funny at all. I saw him a few years ago in North Carolina and he was funny then. But his jokes in Las Vegas or so dry. And of course he had to poke fun of the LGBTQ plus and transgender community. I think it’s distasteful. I was bored and halfway throughout the show and literally zoned out ready for it to be over.

1.0 star rating Fred Dick from Halifax, Nova Scotia


Echo the other reviews. Started late as source material for really terrible comics. Kevin. Only performed for 45 min and it was literal poop jokes and other weak comedy. Just wasn’t in the mood by the time he took stage.

1.0 star rating Luka from London, UK.


I don't know where to begin. We saw the "reality check" in O2 arena in London on 28th April. What a disaster! The show started late and the three guys "warming up" the crowd had a longer show than Kevin Hart. Their jokes were lame, all dirty humor and 0 intelect. Felt like I was on a show for 5 year olds for whom every sentence with a d&ck in it is hilarious. Finally Kevin started his show after we were already tired from sitting TWO HOURS on thos goddamn chairs. Kevin's act was mediocre at best. 3 good jokes in all but the whole show was so bad that we weren't in the mood to laugh anymore. What a disaster. I liked Kevin's comedy before seeing this live. Now I understand why it said "no refunds" on the entrance.

1.0 star rating Jennifer Lima from Las Vegas, Nevada


I love Kevin Hart. So much that I spent $950 for my husband and I to see him. They put our phones in pouches and warned us that if a phone was used the person would be ejected. Show starts at 9:30pm. 9 women pile into the row in front of us. Pull out their phones and start social media and texting, talking Loudly. Kevin comes on, these women are talking. The people in my row are clearly irritated. Got security. They took one girl with a phone and left the others. Now these women have turned around threatened to bite me, cursed at my 72 year old husband and many of the other fans in our row. One says they can't do shit, we are family. Security came several times.. They did nothing. After the show 20 plus fans gather at customer service to complain. We are told they couldn't tell the women to stop threatening fans, to put their phones away or stop talking and ruining the show for fans because they were part of Kevin's Camp. Disgusting behavior and unprofessional management.

1.0 star rating Blue from Baltimore


Quite disappointed . KH was not funny. Appeared like he just filled his obligation to be there. My wife paid over $500 as a birthday gift with a weekend in Vegas. KH' s crew were more funny. It wasn't the material he spoke on it was the lack of material, no real punchlines. And then suddenly it ended. Lackluster to say the least. C'mon man you can do glad they bagged the phones I wouldn't have wanted to record any of it!

1.0 star rating Jamie Millar from Vancouver, British Columbia


Kevin hart could was on stage for 25 minutes. Complete waste of money . Never again.

1.0 star rating M. S. from Santa Barbara, California


I wish I could rate Kevin, but I couldn’t make out 80-90% of what he said. Our seats were in the back, but the theater is not that big, so it shouldn’t have been a big deal. I’m sure they failed to turn on the speaker in the back, so I couldn’t hear most of it! Really, really disappointing. Wasted our money, for sure!

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